About Us

Whether it’s the path I chose, or the path that chose me, it is a vision that began long ago. Perhaps it was born in ancient times, amongst the swirling myths of heroes, heroines and mythical creatures. A whisper of a wild sorceress named Circe who lived and loved in nature, enchanting each wanderer who crossed her path.  

 Today it is about the evolution of a dirty punk, pro-snowboarder into a tenacious businesswoman and a desire to merge these lives into one. It may sound like the start of an epic tale, but in the end it is beautifully simple - because it never was about being a star athlete or a successful sports agent, it was, and always will be, about riding.

 The snow. The air. The adventure. The ritual of stepping into a strong, exquisite piece of armor and wrapping it around your body to prepare for true freedom in the elements. A beautiful garment that allows you to push the limits and channel your inner warrior because it moves with you and works for you. You can jump and fall...and be one with the mountain.

 We have spent several years refining the look and functionality of our apparel. Sublime fabrics, remarkable craftsmanship and impeccable fit are just the beginning. All of our pieces are field tested by serious athletes from all over the world. You can be sure that our beauty is more than skin deep.

Circe Snow is the first phase of a highly cultivated line of sophisticated sportswear designed for a lifestyle that encompasses nature, adventure and bold expression. We are committed to artistry, performance and style that pushes the boundaries. We hope to inspire you to push your own boundaries, and to celebrate life and its gorgeous landscape while being fully IN it. Stand Down Winter!™